Monday, February 3, 2014

.NET low latency logging. Part 4 - log4j2 performance

log4j2 + LMAX Disruptor

The modern log4j2 component for Java runtime is based on LMAX Disruptor pattern and shows really great performance results - Asynchronous Logging Performance. For this reason I've decided to port the sample application to Java in order to perform similar tests and get results in my collection.

As it was written in the lo4j2 Performance Guide the most fastest configuration is the following:

Performance of the log4j2


  • log4j2 is very fast! It beats both log4net and NLog in tested configurations.
  • log4j2 performs 3 times faster than log4net in sync logging
  • log4j2 throughput 3 times greater than log4net in sync logging
  • Now I have some ideas how to increase log4net performance by creating new async appenders


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